Cops on the Box - Our Capabilities

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Bobbies on the beat
  • Murder investigations
  • Forensics
  • Street duties
  • Incident/hostage negotiations
  • Undercover operations
  • Firearms
  • Hostage rescue teams
  • Surveillance

Police extrasPre-production services include story assistance and analysis, script reading and breakdown for authenticity of dialogue, procedures and tactics.

We provide the cast with training for safe and proper handling of weapons and equipment. We also assist props, costume and art departments.

During production, one advisor works on the set to help ensure the degree of authenticity the filmmakers desire, answer questions and rehearse the cast with the weapons, procedures and action.

From development through production, we provide film makers a foundation for reality and authenticity. Our service will help enhance "the look" of the projects and save the company valuable time and money.

So whether you have a few scenes or an entire project that involves police work, you should contact us.

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